To SJ, From SJ

To: Night SJ
From: Morning SJ

Why, why do you think it’s a good idea to stay up past midnight? You knew you’d have to get up and take Ranger to school this morning! What were you even doing? Probably chatting with somebody on your phone.

To: Morning SJ
From: Night SJ

Hush. Not so loud. Some of us are still sleeping. And, no, for your information, I was spending quality time with DJ.

Morning SJ
Was it really worth staying up that late?

Night SJ
You’d think so if you’d been there.

Morning SJ
Moving on. Fact is, it’s now 8:15 and you’re still not out of bed. You’ve got to get Ranger fed, dressed, and out of the house by 8:45.

Night SJ
I think I can push it ten minutes later.

Morning SJ
No, you can’t. You’re going to be late. And you know we hate being late.

From: Slightly-later morning SJ
To: Night SJ, Morning SJ
Guess what, y’all! I can leave the house at 8:55 and still get Ranger to school on time!

Morning SJ
I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


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