Mock-a-Meme Monday IV

Disclaimer: If you recognize one of these memes from your own wall, of course I didn’t get it from you. I got it from somebody else.

Memes about food rank second on my list of mockable subjects, just under impossibly-thin women. I’m just not that passionate about food, and a meme attempting to convert me to a food crusade is just asking to be parodied.

So I get a particular kick out of this one. It purports to be a Food Meme, but it features a Romantic Sexy Woman, all combined into one of the creepiest memes of the year.

Apple picking


1. The generous view of cleavage.
2. The strange gauzy dark mass from under her skirt.
3. The man observing her from behind with a proprietary air.
4. His clothes and her clothes, which are not from the same time period.
5. Her clothes are sexy. His are not.

Taken with all the other elements, the caption is implying that SHE is the organic food. The apples are just to tide him over till dinner.

This ends my original collection of memes. However, obliging friends keep sending me more examples. It’s entirely likely that I’m not done mocking. Lucky you!


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