Mock-A-Meme Monday III

It’s Monday again, and I have more mockable memes on hand. Let’s discuss the happiness and freedom that a woman with clear skin and a good figure has.


Okay, this one is kind of a cheap shot. It’s pretty much pleading to be mocked. But still, notice that the message, looking at it in a holistic way, is “And we prefer the company of women in short dresses and long legs. That = happiness.”


No, wait, my mistake! All you need for happiness are people and memories! Just make sure that at least one person in your life has enough money to afford a vacation like this. Also, you should have only one (1) child. (This meme is a departure from the rest of my theme of beautiful womanhood, but like with the one above, I couldn’t resist its desperate pleas to be mocked.)


And my clothes are falling off in the middle of the highway! Good thing I have stunning shoulders and look good in boots.

Torn down

And her clothes are gone entirely, leaving only her bra. The image contributes to the message of the meme in some way that couldn’t possibly be “gratuitous glimpse of young woman in a bra.”

That finishes my gallery of mockable memes, except for one more that I think of as The Creepy Organic Meme, which I’ll feature next Monday. I know, it’s hard to wait a week for these posts — but I’m making memories in your life, so at least I know I’m contributing to your happiness!


6 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme Monday III

  1. I really do wonder just how much money it costs to have a vacation on a pristine tropical beach *with no other people present*.

    I’m guessing that’s not a memory I’m going to get in this lifetime.

  2. Hmm…I notice that magic and happiness also require looking like you walk around on tip toes even when you aren’t in high heels.

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