Gamerboy is 12!

Twelve years ago, after several hours of labor and a c-section, I met Gamerboy for the first time.

He wasn’t my biggest baby, but he chunked out pretty nicely within a couple of months:


Who is Gamerboy?

DJ: Creative, mercurial, a night owl

SJ: Affectionate, persuasive, a deep thinker

Bookgirl: Math-whiz, bratty, intelligent

Sparkler: Loud, silly, obnoxious

Ranger: Annoying, plays fun games

Gamerboy is a D&D, Minecraft, or any kind of game enthusiast; an avid reader; Boy Scout (although he’s still managed to avoid every hike for four years); and a reluctant churchgoer. (It’s the whole sitting-still-and-listening-to-somebody-talk thing. His mother is afflicted with the same condition. But challenge him at Bible trivia at your own risk).


He’s not one to fade into the background, and never lost in the shuffle. Happy 12th birthday to Gamerboy! We love you!


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