Mock-a-Meme Monday II

Today’s memes extol the joys of being by yourself. Preferably if you are young enough and have a hot enough body, that you know you can always get company if you really want it.


Even if you have to be alone, it’s all worthwhile if you can wear a size .05 dress with spike heels. Great legs always a plus. Also: what in the heck is that on her wrist?


Who couldn’t love her own company with legs like that? And the flat stomach and little black dress — frankly, if I looked like that, I’d find myself irresistible.


Or you could just forego clothes altogether. Nothing makes you one with the multiverse like going naked, but nature prefers you to have beautiful skin and, yup, nice legs.

You may wonder why this is such a big deal. The answer is… it’s not! I just like making fun of things, and it’s Monday. On the other hand, memes depend on imagery to produce their desired emotions; and this imagery tends to lean heavily in the direction of impossible female beauty. Meaning that we unconsciously associate impossible female beauty with peace and happiness.

Just a thought.


One thought on “Mock-a-Meme Monday II

  1. The words on those memes didn’t even make any sense. And I had the same thought about the first girl’s wrist…bracelet…medieval handcuffs…thing…

    “Meaning that we unconsciously associate impossible female beauty with peace and happiness.” — Which also probably means that most view peace and happiness as unattainable. Which, in a nice circular way, makes them so.

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