The Lists

SJ’s Husband Requirement List
Written April 1997 (age 20)
* = Required

*1. A strong Christian

*2. A strong personality

*3. The same doctrinal beliefs

*4. Open to correction, suggestions, and appeals

*5. Good sense of humor — preferably witty

*6. Loves good writing

*7. Can do math

*8. Gets along with my brothers

*9. Interested in our children’s pursuits

*10. Thinks for himself — doesn’t merely borrow ideas or opinions

*11. Isn’t blindly legalistic, but knows why he believes what he believes.

*12. Patient

*13. Recognizes good behavior as well as bad

*14. Is gentle when correcting or disagreeing

15. Can write

16. Likes the South

17. Likes music

18. Can waltz

19. Older

20. Taller

21. Has blond hair and brown or green eyes.

DJ’s Wife List
Never written down, but kept vaguely in mind from about 1995-2000, during which he met SJ and decided she fit perfectly. (age 22-26)

1. Godly

2. Intelligent

3. Pretty

4. Willing to homeschool


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