Mock-A-Meme Monday I

Facebook is overrun by memes promoting Women’s Empowerment. They’re easy to spot, these memes: they have some kind of message about breaking free from social expectations and appreciating the joy of just being a woman — superimposed over a picture of a cute and/or sexy young woman of near-perfect proportions .

I’ve collected several of these memes, and for the next few Mondays (or whenever I think of it), I’ll showcase them here for you. I’ve even helpfully pointed out the underlying message of each one. You’re welcome.

Gift to God

God prefers you to become a petite redhead who can wear a cute polka-dot dress (with proper undergarments so the breeze doesn’t compromise your dignity), with a rainbow umbrella and heels. Nice legs a plus.


Precious Gifts

Especially if you are young enough, and your neck and shoulders are sexy enough, that you can wear an off-the-shoulder dress for the photo shoot. Also, you need to have one (1) cooperative child who can wear white and won’t yank the dress down.


Backless Gown

Be who you are! People will love you. Assuming that who you are is a tall, thin woman who can wear a backless evening gown.


Feeling empowered now? I sure am! Just as soon as I lose twenty pounds and change out of this thrift-store tshirt and shell out $100 for a new color treatment for my hair. And let’s discuss a gym membership too. It’s glorious being a (cute, thin, and sexy) woman!


6 thoughts on “Mock-A-Meme Monday I

  1. Oh, I feel empowered too, especially since I am thin! Well, at least I’ll fell empowered as soon as I finish responding to the people asking my mom surreptitiously if I’m anorexic and berating me about eating enough while pregnant/breastfeeding. And once I convince them that actually I AM full and I don’t need to be force-fed protein smoothies, and that I AM happy with my body and am not in a desperate hunt to conform to the media’s standards. Once I’m done with that we can be empowered together.

    • Ha, Cilla, I could find some great “real men like curvy women” quotes for you! The trouble with being a woman is that our bodies just aren’t perfect, darn it.

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