A Couple of Grands, Part I

It’s a big deal in the Jones Home when grandparents visit. We live 1000 miles away from either side, so it’s no piece of cake to see each other.

DJ’s parents made the trek down here this month, so we pulled out all the stops for them. Took them on a dizzying round of fabulous sights, glittering parties, sumptuous dinners out… Well, sort of. We did eat out a couple of times, and I made some great chicken stew with dumplings. GpaJ also made his new classic shaved-beef sandwiches one evening, and NanaJ spent hours hemming two kids’ new pants. Come to think of it, there wasn’t much glitter and fabulousness. But there was a lot of cuddling and togetherness, which is all too rare.

Why, yes, I did get pictures. Why, sure, I’ll post some. Oh, you’re so welcome. My pleasure, as they say at Chick-Fil-A (where GpaJ took Gamerboy for a one-on-one lunch).

The Jones love of board games crosses three generational lines.
Sparkler, cuddler and scientist , with NanaJ — who loves the same things! Except the science part!
Ranger, smashed between NanaJ and Bookgirl and happy about it.
Four hours later, Ranger came down with a rogue fever, and NanaJ was there for grandma duty.

We went to the creek. It was too chilly to get in the water, but the adults were the only ones who noticed. GpaJ and I skipped the rocks I’d collected. He’s a fine skipper. Better than me. Not that I care.

20141007_15524320141007_152915 20141007_153905 20141007_160951

Part 2
Part 3


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