A Couple of Grands, Part 2

Continued from Part I (linked at the end), this is the second installment of a visit during which we basically did nothing at all. We’ll say that the visit was “character-driven” rather than “focusing heavily on plot.”

One of our favorite spots is a local farmer’s market. The pirate ship is a big draw, plus the lovely scenery, plus the apple cider doughnuts. Actually, the doughnuts are the whole reason we go. The rest is a bonus.

20141009_103828 20141009_105112 20141009_111227

And DJ turned 41, an event I meant to immortalize on the blog. It seems to have not got done. But here it is, preserved for posterity at a frozen yogurt shop.


Sparkler drew a thought-bubble and then wanted me to show what she was thinking. So I did! I’m sad to say that Sparkler apparently tells lies to herself.
This one is really funny. At least, judging from the wild howls from the kids. Gamerboy had written “dog dog dog” above the thought bubble, and then Sparkler drew a zebra (that’s a zebra). Mom obviously has a serious disconnect in her thinking. Seriously, y’all, this was lose-your-breath hilarious.

During a game of Hide&Seek, Sparkler and her friend went to look for Ranger. Well, Ranger and GpaJ share a name. So when Sparkler followed my hot-and-cold directions, she found… Ranger Sr.! I’m displaying my junky kitchen close-up just because I love Sparkler’s laugh in the third picture.

20141014_180212 20141014_180235 20141014_180237

Part 1
Part 3


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