In All Fairness

I’ll feel bad about that title tomorrow when I’m less tired.

We don’t go to the Bluemont Fair every single year. We counted it up, and since 2001, we’ve missed it two whole times.

(Twelve years does kind of make a tradition, though.)

It’s a craft fair — a big one — with food booths, live music, and kids’ activities thrown in for good measure.

Sparkler riding a pony, whose name I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure she does.
Ranger loved the pony ride! Mostly! Haha, it’s done now, right?! Actually, he mostly liked the helmet.
Ranger riding the most brilliant bumper cars ever invented. They buzzed around a little track… as long as he spun those handles around like a little devil.
Going devilishly fast.
Bookgirl made sand-art, topped with a Canadian flag in honor of her dad and grandpa. Either that, or it matched her cap.
He sports an excellent beard, looks good in a hat, and holds balloons for kids going to the bathroom. He’s obviously a keeper.
Gamerboy loves cuddling and hugging. Unfortunately, he’s almost bigger than me and rapidly catching up with DJ. It requires a good solid stance to receive a hug from him these days.
I was there too — here’s a selfie! Actually, I took lots of selfies because I had plenty of time, due to the fact that Sparkler got in line for the balloon-shaper. Lines for shaped balloons and face-painting always take about half an hour longer than eternity.
20140920_153238 (1)
Another selfie, highlighting the part of parenting known as “packhorsing.” In this case, the kids all got free balloons, but couldn’t all carry the free balloons, but that’s what parents are *for.*
It’s a rule that everybody can buy something at the fair. I came home with hand-painted nesting dolls. The ones on the right are Joseph, Mary, and Jesus; the ones on the left are Easter-egg themed.

The first time we went, Bookgirl was three months old — and DJ and I hadn’t yet celebrated our first anniversary. We were so thrilled that we could still do stuff even with a baby that we made a point to go every year we could. All our kids have been babies at the fair.

(It’s kind of a lot more fun now that they’re not babies.)


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