A Picnic

After I discovered an abandoned house and an abandoned Mustang, it was such a fitting end to my Sunday drive that I came on home. The church is on my way, and I thought, “Well, I could try out a church picnic. That might be fun.”

Of course, the last time I stopped in at the church to give something to DJ, the smells and sounds of the potluck triggered such panic that I nearly cried as I drove away. So this was kind of a gamble.

But it was okay. Actually, it was very enjoyable. The kids are largely independent; DJ and I were able to sit together and eat, discussing how his Sunday School class went and how my drive went. Several friends greeted me, happy to see me but not trying to pin me down as to when I’m coming back.

I stopped in to see the sanctuary, which is a blend of traditional stained-glass and clean modern lines. It was peaceful. Not panic-inducing. I’m not ready to go back to church yet, but it’s good that it’s in my future.

And it was a beautiful blue-and-green day, with my family around me. Easy to feel that God is close, too.

The girls aim high. This is where Bookgirl prefers to be… and Sparkler was DYING to be, although she freaks out as soon as she gets higher than two feet up.
Lest you think that everybody had a good time, though, here you see that Ranger did not. His sadness has everything to do with not being allowed to crash the men’s bean-bag toss, and nothing to do with the fact that all he ate was a doughnut and tortilla chips.
DJ and his biggest fan, Gamerboy. Two of my favorite boys.

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