Mundania 6

Ranger showed up in the kitchen and began poking around in what the family refers to as “the storage unit,” or “Mom’s spinny thing.”


It sits next to my netbook in the kitchen; it’s basically my desk. I’m not even going to pretend to know what all’s in that thing. But there’s usually something to write with, and Ranger was after a pen. “I’m doing a project,” he explained.

When  five-year-old finds a pen to “do a project,” you definitely want to ask for specifics.

He said, “I’m going to draw things on people.”

“You can’t just draw on people.”

“But it’s my project,” he protested.

He went away. When he returned fifteen minutes later, it was apparent that nobody wanted to be Ranger’s project. But he let Bookgirl and Sparkler draw on him, so all’s well.

No, he’s not wearing any pants.

Gamerboy and I were relaxing the back yard, and he pointed out the clouds. “Aren’t they neat? They look like dragons and warriors meeting in battle, don’t you think?”

Um. Actually, I’d been thinking how delicate and feathery they looked. But I could be wrong.


I got a caramel frappe from McDonald’s and shared it with the older kids. Later I came back to them and said, “I regret sharing that with you. I liked it so much I wish I’d had it all.” Honesty is the key to good relationships.


DJ has begun reading All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot aloud to Bookgirl and Gamerboy. We thought they’d like it. As it turns out, they absolutely love it. Well, of course they do. DJ and I both have read the series several times, and it’s been very good for the soul to be reintroduced to Seigfried and Tristan, and to start the rounds with the young Jim.

I’m eagerly awaiting the debut of Tricki Woo, who stars in some of my favorite stories.


The other day when I went to get a haircut, my friend was pretty excited about an appointment on the following day. The client’s name was Demon.

Demon. Wow. We discussed whether Demon was male or female. We imagined greeting Demon. “Demon! You’re so… much less red, black, and pointy-toothed than I expected.” I said to be careful not to make any bargains with him/her/it, particularly not if the conversation involved souls.

The next day, I got a message from my friend: “Somebody wrote the name down wrong. It was DAMON.”

Life just doesn’t prepare you for disappointments like that.


2 thoughts on “Mundania 6

  1. Oh this was refreshing! I needed many good belly laughs today. Also, Becky had to tell me Sigfried’s abscess story. I had forgotten it. Out comes the Herriot for The Griffith School for Gifted and Talented Girls!

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