What I Learned

Lesson #1: I make really stupid rules sometimes. “We are going to the creek, but we’re not getting in.”

20140829_144215 20140829_144135

Lesson #2: Compromise is fatal. “Okay, y’all can wade. But don’t get all wet.”

He really was trying to do what he was told. It’s just… he’s got short legs.


Lesson #3: Admit I’m wrong. “Y’all have fun.”

They did.

Yes, there’s an extra kid. Her family was camping nearby.

20140829_155215   20140829_155501 20140829_155603   20140829_155742



4 thoughts on “What I Learned

  1. Nice pics! I’m really laughing out loud at the progression. I mean you of all people were the one who taught ME that a “rule” like that at a place like that was absurd. 😉 I’m glad they had fun and that you took it all in stride. But I’m not too surprised, because you’re awesome like that.

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