Why would I write a blog post about rocks? Why would you read a blog post about rocks?

Well, are you likely to read about rocks on any other blog post you come across today? No. Everybody else is writing to shock and outrage you, whether it’s about celebrities, or politics, or what new food atrocity is being committed right in your own home. 

But rocks! It’s a fresh subject, outside the trend, cutting-edge. It’s probably good for mental health and reduces stress. After this, you can go take a quiz to find out what rock you would be.

This summer, the kids and I discovered a large creek about half an hour from us.  Now, I grew up on a creek. This very one, in fact:

MS Creek
Golden, sandy-bottomed Mississippi creek. The three beautiful nieces are a bonus.

Farther north, the creeks lose that golden sheen because the creekbed isn’t sand. It’s rocks:

Silver rocky-bottomed Virginia creek. Four happy kids a real bonus.
Silver rocky-bottomed Virginia creek. Four happy kids a real bonus.

I miss my childhood creek so intensely that I dream about it. So it’s not like I’m looking for ways that Virginia creeks are better. But if I were going to point out a few differences, I’d mention the fact that there aren’t as many evil biting flies; you aren’t as likely to get a drop-in visit from a venomous snake; and there are rocks.

The creek that my kids play in was once a run-off for smelting pig iron. The banks are covered with smooth, almost glassy slag.  Bookgirl was digging in the sand near the bank when she discovered bits of bright blue rock. I thought it was broken ceramic, but no. We dug down and found a treasure trove of shades-of-blue pieces of rock.


The rocks range from dark blue to turquoise, with shades of green in between. I collect more every time we go.

20140822_093538 20140822_093550

This isn’t the extent of my rock collection, of course. I’ve got smooth rocks, square rocks, colored rocks, and skipping rocks. Yesterday I came home with seven long, flat rocks. I’ll use them all for something. Or nothing. Mostly, I just like having rocks.

You’re welcome for this time of refreshment and mental rejuvenation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some rocks to polish.


8 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. That’s amazing, I love collecting rocks so much I find myself always looking for them when I’m out. I’m up in Northern California and travel during the week to Oregon and Washington I find lots of beautiful rocks but I haven’t got a rock story like this one not yet I’m so excited for you I almost thought I was there digging with you.. Hapy Digging

  2. We found several rocks JUST LIKE THESE! in the desert by our home outside Tucson Arizona. Your post is THE ONLY one that showed anything resembling rocks like them. They’ve GOTTA BE! the same rock! Please write back!!!

    • I’m excited that you found rocks like these! But… in the Tuscon desert? When I found mine in a Virginia creek? The beautiful blue rocks are officially EVEN MORE MYSTERIOUS now.

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