Let It Stay (to the tune of “Let It Go”)

People are going to look back on 2014 and say, “I remember when I wrote my parody of Let It Go. When did you write yours?”

Here’s mine. (In case you somehow haven’t heard this song, which has to be a deliberate effort because it’s practically in the air we all breathe, here’s the original: Let It Go)

Let It Stay
Dedicated to my struggling novel, my editor, and all suffering writers everywhere)

The marks glow red on the pages tonight
Not a compliment to be seen.
A kingdom of aggravation,
And it looks like I’m the queen.

The page is bleeding like my hurting heart inside
Couldn’t find that word;
Heaven knows I tried

“Don’t use this scene!
Take out that phrase!
I don’t even know what this part means!”

“Don’t tell, but show
That’s got to go…
This doesn’t flow!”

Let it stay
Let it stay
Can’t rewrite it any more

Let it stay
Let it stay
Revising’s such a bore!

I don’t care
What you’re going to say!
Let the editor rage on
Cliches never bothered me anyway.

Funny how rewriting
Makes later scenes go wrong.
And the plot that once was solid,
No longer works at all!

It’s time to see what I can do
Ignore the comments and break through
Rewrites no longer apply to me!
I’m free!

Let it stay
Let it stay
I’m best writing on the fly!

Let it stay
Let it stay
You’ll never see me cry!

Here it says
“That’s not what he’d say!”
Let the editor rage on…

My plot is iffy and it stands on shaky ground;
My dialogue is falling flat with a robotic sound
And one thought crystalizes like an icy blast
I’m never getting past
This double-danged sixth draft!

Let it stay
Let it stay
I really think the plot’s okay;

Let it stay
Let it stay
The romance is cliched!

Let it stand
Just the way I said!
Let the comments rage on.
Edits never bothered me anyway.

[Sound of netbook closing]


7 thoughts on “Let It Stay (to the tune of “Let It Go”)

  1. If I had ever heard more of the original than Let it go I am sure I would now be holding my sides. Even without knowing the song yours is funny, I am imagining your facial expressions.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Possibly one of my daughters could sing it. But NOT ME. I can’t sing. It was completely left out of my genetic makeup, along with a working inner GPS.

  2. I remembered that in the movie, there’s a door slamming on the very last note, and that’s what the “netbook closing” sound came from.

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