The Future According to 1989

Ranger, playing a Nintendo DS  (a handheld gaming system) remarked, “A DS is a type of a phone.”

“Not really,” I said. “You can’t call anybody on a DS.”

“Well, it’s just a plain phone.”

If you had told me during my childhood in the 80s that, in the twenty-first century, you couldn’t tell the difference between a telephone and a gaming system…


… Hang on, what’s a gaming system?

….It’s like a computer. That you can hold in your hand and play games. It’s got way better graphics than even your beloved Amiga computer…

… So when I’m grown up, I’ll have a cordless phone and it’s like a little computer?

… Yes. You’ll play games on it, mostly. You can also type messages back and forth to each other. Most people use it to hang out on a communal website…

… A what?

… Um, everybody can see each other on their computers. I mean, not in person; just text and pictures and videos that you upload. Mostly of cats. Haha, sorry, cat videos are kind of a joke…

… Oh my gosh. Do the Russians know about this?

… What?

… THE RUSSIANS! They’ll spy on us! They’re going to bomb us!

… I think we’ve had enough fun discussion for today. Just go play with your Lite-Brite, watch the sky for nuclear missiles, and dream about flying cars.


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