Of Pits and Pies

As I mentioned, an ongoing project of mine has been to create a fire pit in our back yard.

I knew it wouldn’t have to be elaborate. I mean, we used this for the past two summers. It is, to put it simply, a hole in the ground. (Hobbits not included.)


That little hole wasn’t ideal for fires, for various reasons. The major one being that I turned it into a sand pit for Sparkler and Ranger.

Fortunately, our back yard is rich in holes.

Here’s a picture of the other pit in the back yard, the one the kids called “the Lagoon.” This was three months ago. I think the old edging blocks add to the aura of desolation and neglect.


I dug it out, filled in some of the corners, and dumped in sand and gravel.

I honestly did try to plan carefully. But my inner calculator runs on the same operating system as my inner GPS. My spatial imaging generator wasn’t even installed. I’d think and think about the next step, consult DJ, then suddenly make a decision and go BUY SOMETHING, dump it into the hole, and see what happened.


The more I thought, researched, and calculated, the more I realized that we didn’t have the skill to build the fire pits that showed up on Google, and we couldn’t afford to have somebody else do it. Even the simplest three-foot-high fire pit ran into more money than we wanted to spend.

It kept coming back to me: last summer we just built the fire in a hole in the ground.

Finally, as DJ and I were looking out at it yesterday, it clicked.

All we needed was a hole in the ground.

So I built up a fourth wall with old edging blocks…


… and then bought twelve flat blocks and lined the hole. Actually, yes, there are fourteen blocks there. I bought two extra to fill in some leftover inches. No, they didn’t end up symmetrical. I could fix it. Except I kind of like the quirkyness of it.


We now have a fire pit.


Ideal for lighting leftover sparklers, as long as you’ve got a big sister to keep tabs on you.


Ideal for cozy family evenings, spending time together… burning things.


But for good measure, yesterday I also baked a Red Velvet pie topped with whipped cream cheese and glazed pecans.



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