Pinned in Accordance with God’s Will


So, either is a well-executed joke, or an earnest effort that’s going to be shut down pretty soon for copyright infringement.

But it did get my friends and me thinking: if you have a Christian-only pinning site, it’s bound to fracture along denominational lines. And then what would the pinning world look like?

(These ideas are a compilation of suggestions from Alyson, John, Kim, Toni, and myself, all cluttering up Bev’s wall. This is what happens on Facebook on a Friday afternoon.)

Reformed Pinterest (TULIPinterest): There are Limited features and options, but the ones that are included are Irresistible. But it’s not really much fun, because you ultimately don’t have any choice in what you or anyone else pins.

Baptist Pinterest: You can’t delete a pin. Once pinned, always pinned.

Church of the Latter-Day Saints Pinterest (Mormon): The woman has one board, but the man can have as many as he wants.

Church of Christ Pinterest: No musical pins on the church board, but they’re okay everywhere else. Of course, the church board is the only REAL board.

Seventh-Day Adventist Pinterest: They’re called nips, not pins. Everyone who calls them pins is going to hell.

Catholic/Anglican Pinterest: Use these particular pins for this particular day. If you want to edit your board, you have to form an approved council, and it takes years.

Amish Pinterest: Real corkboard. Real pushpins.

Mennonite Pinterest: You can have somebody use a computer that you don’t own to pin things for you.

Pintereth: the KJV Only Pinterest. Everything is in black and white, except for some words in red.

Seeker-Friendly Pinterest: We don’t really like the term “board,” but pin some lattes and let’s jam!

Patriarchy Pinterest: Only men have the passwords. Everything that a woman posts is watermarked with “Approved by God and Man.” A woman can post only from the home, never from the public square.

Courtship Pinterest: You must leave room for the Holy Spirit between pins.

Godivainterest: Not the board you were looking for.

This idea is far from exhausted. But I need to drop everything and hurry over to Godinterest while it still exists. Or, as Alyson put it, before “Pinterest sends a Godcease and Godesist letter.”


3 thoughts on “Pinned in Accordance with God’s Will

  1. I went to Godinterst after reading your post and am still trying to figure out what it is. Just a compilations of Christian-themed sayings and pictures?

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