Mundania 4

DJ just finished administering standardized tests to Bookgirl, Gamerboy, and Sparkler. It was a valuable experience for them, and also confirmed our opinions that standardized testing is a stupid way to evaluate a child’s education.

Gamerboy asked if school really was over, and if we really didn’t have anything scheduled for the next day. “Good! I can try my experiment! You know, the one where I see how long I can sleep.”

He mused a while longer, then added, “And the longer I sleep, the more computer time I’ll have for the rest of the day!”

Shopping for a child, I suggested that this child might need some new clothing items that are worn close to the skin and are considered very personal. From the reaction I got, I might as well have suggested that the child strip down and dance naked through Target. Evidently parents should not mention these items of clothing in a casual, public setting.

The other day, during a downpour, Sparkler and Ranger went out to play. A little while later, we realized we’d lost Ranger. He wasn’t in either yard. He wasn’t playing in the van. He wasn’t at a neighbor’s. We live in a small, quiet neighborhood, but my brain suggested helpful scenarios involving horrific accidents or abductions, and maybe even rogue trolls. I was carefully not panicking when Ranger appeared at the end of the street. Wearing only a long shirt and underwear, he made his way through the rain, kicking up water in the spillway as he walked.

“There he is,” I said in relief to Gamerboy (who was panicking). “Don’t yell at him.”

Gamerboy inquired diffidently, “Will you stick to that promise?”

(When I related this to DJ, he seemed to think it was a very funny question. I guess it was valid, anyway.)

Ranger informed me cheerfully that he’d gone around the block by himself, and he was going to go again. I explained firmly that he was not to go off without telling anybody. “Okay,” he said, unruffled. “I want to go around with you, then.”

Gamerboy did the honors instead.

During the winter, I channeled my energies into baking pies. Now that it’s good weather outside, I’m instead throwing myself into PROJECTS. I’m working hard to make the back yard more hospitable.

Two current features of our back yard are the holes that neighbor kids helped our kids dig over a few summers. They refer to them as “the lagoon” and “the pit.” We’ve been using “the pit” to build small fires on nice evenings. But now I’m in the process of converting “the lagoon” into a real fire pit, with gravel and stone walls. DJ is my willing, if less enthusiastic, assistant.

I explained to a friend, “I think he prefers it when I bake pies.”

My friend replied, “So you’re saying that without pies, it’s the pits?”

I’d labeled the baking chocolate “unsweet,” but apparently a couple of kids didn’t pay close enough attention before getting into it. When I found it later, it read “Unsweet EVIL chocolate.”


3 thoughts on “Mundania 4

  1. Great pun. Your friend rocks.

    My brother and I used to be legendary pit diggers. My dad had the brilliant idea of giving us encouragement to dig our next one around a stump. Several weeks later, it was easy to remove…

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