A Bridge over Rocky Waters

My Sunday rambles down Rt. 11 continue to refresh and amuse me.



Covered Bridge
This week I found a covered bridge off the highway. DJ grew up in New England, so he looks at a covered bridge and says, “Nice.” I’m from Mississippi, where there’s no such thing (building a covered bridge in Mississippi would basically be challenging a tornado to a duel). So I look at it and say, “THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!” And I’m right.
The Shenandoah River runs underneath the bridge. I walked down here and thought, “Wow, I just found the perfect romantic spot for DJ to surprise me with!”
Rocks got collected. I can’t leave the waterside without half a ton of rocks in tow. Mississippi creeks are sandy-bottomed, great for wading but a scarce source of rocks. Virginia riverbeds are hard on the feet, but yield as many water-polished rocks as I can possibly carry, even when I make a pouch out of my t-shirt. I have yet to figure out what to do with all the rocks I end up with, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting them.

Other observations include:

* A building that looked like a church, complete with the square brick sign and Gothic-style lettering on it. Only the letters actually said, “Sports Design and Auto Body Finishing.” Do this in remembrance of… my Mustang?

* In this area of the country, you don’t get to brag about when your town was established unless it’s got a 17- in front of it. Then you get to put it on your water tower.

* Another church which actually was a church. It was called “Reasoning Tree Church.” I chewed on that name for two miles and never did figure it out.

* But what’s two more miles with views like this?




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