Ranger is 5!

Today, five years ago, I met Ranger for the first time…



… and introduced him to the rest of the bunch:




Today, I asked the rest of the bunch, “What two words would you use to describe Ranger?”

Bookgirl: “Bratty, Sweet”

Gamerboy: “Hyper, Spirited”

Sparkler: “Energetic, Adorable”

DJ: “Fun-loving, cute”

SJ: “Easygoing, affectionate”

Not a bad lineup for your first five years of life.



Some recent thoughts of Ranger’s:

“What is a laugh? Speaking of which, what is a flower?”

“Are dragons real? I wish they were. I wish Jesus would say, ‘I will make a real dragon.'”

[To his oldest sister] “I’m going to touuuuuch your stuuuufff!”


Happy fifth birthday to our bratty, sweet, hyper, spirited, energetic, adorable, fun-loving, cute, easygoing, affectionate little boy!



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