Kid Bits



While I was cooking lunch the other day, Bookgirl dashed into the house. She announced, “I hate bees!”

My children’s reaction to bees is reasonable, as long as you compare it to the way most people react to rabid charging rhinos. I rolled my eyes and went back to cooking.

Several minutes later, Sparkler came into the kitchen. She glanced at the pot on the stove and exclaimed, “There’s a bee in the spaghetti!”

I rushed over to see. After a moment of blankness, I understood. I’d used the same pot to cook alphabet pasta earlier, so there was indeed a “B” in the spaghetti.



Ranger found small plastic dragon. He talked at length about it, and fortunately didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t really listening. I did get the name of the dragon, however: “His name is Dragon Biter Potionator. That’s his nickname, though. His real name is Helper.” I’m mentally striking Ranger off my list of Character Name Consultants for future writing projects.


We settle computer-usage disputes by having the kids set the timer, usually for twenty minutes. Ranger wanted to set the timer for his turn. DJ offered to set it for him, but no, he’d done it. Completely, entirely by himself. At press time, it had gotten down to 77:23.



DJ demanded, “Whose glass bowl is that on the couch?”

Of course, nobody had any idea. Finally, Gamerboy suggested, “Take it around to everybody and see whose hand it fits.”


One thought on “Kid Bits

  1. I love all of the stories. Especially the glass bowl. If asked to make a guess, I would guess that the bowl, or at least fingerprints, would fit Boy himself. And your namer has nothing on the one here. The other day she suspected that the cooked chicken I was working with was one she had named– Goldaletta, to be specific. I think that is the only name she can remember of all the ones she gave the hens. (It was bought chicken, not Goldaletta.)

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