Mundania 2

Miscellaneous happenings in the household.

Sparkler indignantly accused Gamerboy of burping in her face. As happens occasionally, DJ’s latent older brother tendencies came to the surface and overrode his fatherly good sense.

“Like this?” he inquired, and burped in her face also.

He reported to me afterward, “Approval was not expressed. Strong disapproval was indicated.”

DJ wasn’t really trying to be funny when he remarked, “I figured out the right way to salt the kids’ chicken. I need to use my left hand. It’s much more liberal with the salt than the right is.”

Ranger flung himself through the air and landed on the couch. I remarked, “That was a good jump.”

“Was it a mega jump?”


“How many highs did I jump?”

“Um, six.”

For future reference, “six” is an acceptable number of highs.

At a Thai restaurant, I ordered stir-fried garlic and beef.  It was thoroughly good. The next morning, I took the take-home bowl out of the fridge and opened it.

Garlic intensifies when it sits overnight. The leftovers had turned into GARLIC, SUPREME RULER OF THE WORLD  (with beef.)  I might still eat it, but DJ suggested I use a lot of rice. “Or a separate universe.”

Artwork courtesy of Bookgirl.



3 thoughts on “Mundania 2

  1. I think I need to invent a dish called “Garlic Supreme Ruler of the World.” Never can have too much garlic. (I have no proof, but I think I must have Italian blood in me somewhere.)

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