Mundania 1

On my old blog, I often did “Mundania” posts, little stories of ordinary life in the Jones House. Since I can’t remember what number I was on over there, I’m starting all over. Not with Roman numerals, though. Roman numerals are like kittens: they look cute at first, but they soon grow to be big and uncooperative.

Two different types of biscuits get made in this house. The recipes designate them as buttermilk biscuits and Biscuits Supreme. The kids usually refer to them as “Mom’s normal biscuits” and “Dad’s Biscuits Supreme yay! but you make really good biscuits too, Mom.”

But Sparkler and Ranger seem to be repenting — I mean, seem to be losing their taste for Biscuits Supreme. It must feel nice to be the favorite children.


The premise of the book “Divergent” is, “In a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is tested and divided into five different factions according to personality, Tris doesn’t conform. She’s ‘divergent,’ able to adapt to many different situations, and a threat to those who aim for universal conformity and absolute control.”

The premise of the movie “Divergent” is, “In a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is tested and divided into five different factions, Tris somehow ends up in the edgy soldier-faction of Dauntless despite projecting all the confidence and inner resolution of a seventh grader at a high school prom. On the upside, she does meet devastatingly handsome Four, who gets all the good lines and dutifully follows the script that has him gazing in wonder at something in Tris that the rest of us are just kind of guessing about. Fortunately, three-fourths of the way through the movie, Tris gets injected with what’s supposed to be mind-controlling serum. Due to her divergent nature, it instead acts as a personality infusion, giving her snappy lines and immediate ability to take charge and even shoot people. But despite these flaws, the movie does have a fantastic kiss scene.”

Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris, did a great job with what she was given. But I finally realized that the movie is primarily a fangirl trip to showcase Theo James as Four.


I made a new pie this weekend: Zebra Pie. It’s simple, layering chocolate cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate chips, then chilling it overnight. I topped it with hot fudge sauce and Heath bar crumbs. (My mother and daughter laughed at me for using such specialized kitchen tools to break up the Heath bar, namely, a large monkey wrench.) Gamerboy looked at the finished pie in approval, but said, “It doesn’t really look like a pie.”

I replied, “Yeah, well, ‘Zebra Pie’ sounds better than ‘Zebra Pile.'”


Sparkler had a meltdown yesterday. That’s not so unusual as to need its own blog post. It’s just that yesterday she decided she was going to stay in her room forever. She got two gift bags out of the stash in the storage room. She labelled one of them “Books” and the other “Food and Water.” She placed them in front of her door. Then she decided to come out and make sure that we all understood.

“Why are you going to stay in your room forever?” Mom asked.

“Because if I come out, I’ll end up complaining, and when I complain I get extra work!”

There seemed to be an easier solution than self-inflicted lifelong isolation, but nobody thought it was worth mentioning.

— SJ


One thought on “Mundania 1

  1. I think I need to do a taste test of both biscuits. And perhaps some quality control on the zebra pile.
    I think I want to stay in my room forever too!
    I haven’t read or seen Divergent.

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