Beautiful Creations



What do you mean, what are you looking at? It’s a sleeping house, obviously! Decorated with Ranger’s own four-year-old hands and flyaway four-year-old brain. He wasn’t allowed to sleep in it, but the sheer beauty of its creation satisfied him.



As for me, I bought a new cookbook last night, The Southern Pie Book. It was on a whim, but for the excellent purpose of showing respect to my husband by baking him pies, which he loves. This is a “Pretty Pocket Pie.”



Unlike Ranger, I wasn’t satisfied with mere aesthetics. I’m glad to report that it was a darn tasty pie. Respect and love will be flowing in our household tonight. Assuming any of the pocket pies are left when DJ gets home.

— SJ


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Creations

  1. I approve of pocket pies. They look wonderful. I would put one in my pocket and eat it later. Even if it was covered in pocket lint because I could just dust that off.
    I think Ranger is itching to go camping!!! 😉

  2. Dang, that pocket pie looks good! It’s very Proverbs 31 of you to bake them. Did you use lard in the crust? That’s what holy women use…

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