We Are Getting Back Together

My heart is in blogging. But two years ago, I left it behind, lured by the instant gratification of Facebook “likes” and comments.

Facebook turned out to be kind of a jerk. But I stuck with it. After all, I’d broken up with blogging. I had to make the best of it with Facebook.

Then Facebook started burying my posts under ads and links. A couple of my updates simply vanished from my wall. That was when I realized that I was in a bad relationship. I had to break it off.

And blogging, my first love, was willing to take me back.

So welcome to The Joneses. It’s good to be back.


5 thoughts on “We Are Getting Back Together

    • Ha, I noticed we had the same theme! That just proves that it’s the “cool homeschool mom theme.” Or, I guess, “cool homeschool mom theme that’s also free.”

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